Pull Out Mixer Taps

In my view the pull out mixer tap is the most stylish item to be seen in kitchens today. These mixer taps with a difference came to the attention of a lot of people when they were viewing the popular cooking series on tv. For a while it wasn’t so easy to source pull out mixer taps – the prices were high and the choice of design rather limited. However things have changed and now there are many gorgeous designs to choose from at a price that can suit everyone. From looking at the range available it’s clear to see why the pull out mixer tap is so admired. They come in a variety of sizes and designs- the tall and stunning, the sleek and elegant, the curved swan-like neck and the angular; some small and discreet and some with large coil pull outs. They usually come with the necessary hose pipes for fitting and full instructions or you can get a plumper to fix them if you prefer. They mostly have ceramic discs so that you don’t need to worry about dripping taps and having to replace washers and that kind of thing. What they have in common is style and for those of us who love to cook and consequently love being in their kitchens any equipment that is a pleasure to look at is usually delighted in and a bonus. I am surprised to notice how much attention my pull out mixer tap gets from visitors – it’s not just me that enjoys having one as many of my friends have followed my lead and gone on to get one of their own.

When it comes to cooking the pull out mixer tap really is of value. Preparing vegetables and salads has never been my favourite part of cooking but now they are so much more easy to clean – I can pull out the hose and thoroughly clean them by aiming the spray or jet of water – this is definitely a saving in effort and time so the task is much pleasanter. Meat and fish are similarly easier to clean now. I can also keep the sink and drainer area thoroughly clean by giving it a good spray during prep – this saves me from getting in a mess as I go along and then at the end of the cooking time it doesn’t take a minute to give a final hose down. I also find the pull out mixer tap to be very useful when it comes to giving cooking pots and pans a thorough rinse after washing them up – the power of the jet from the hose ensures that all traces of washing up liquid are removed. How did I manage without it? It’s no wonder professional cooks have them in their kitchens and they are found in top restaurants around the world.

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