Pull Out Spray Taps

You may have considered having a pull out spray tap in your kitchen and wondered whether to go ahead. The following information may help you to decide. Kitchen pull out spray taps come in many designs and are manufactured by well known brands such as Astracast, Abode, Grohe and Franke. They range from the sleek to the sturdy, the striking to the discreet and they come in several finishes such as chrome and stainless steel – brushed and smooth. The pull out hoses can vary in length so it’s best to make sure that the length will suit your needs. They come in a price range to suit all budgets. So it is clear that there are a lot of options for you to consider when buying a pull out spray tap for yourself.

Pull out spray taps first came to our notice when they were featured in popular cooking programmes on tv. They can be seen in restaurant kitchens around the world and more recently they are being used in the domestic kitchens of those who love to cook and enjoy innovative and stylish design.

Installing one of these taps will update your kitchen and give it a boost in style – it’s a piece of equipment that will become a talking point bringing interest from visitors to your kitchen. They are usually easy to fit and most of them come with the necessary flexible hoses which are easy to get hold of if not supplied. As far as I can see they all seem to have ceramic discs to ensure that your tap is drip free. For your spray to be powerful you will need the correct amount of water pressure usually around 1.5 – 2.00 bar so check this point with the seller before buying to ensure the tap will be compatible with your own water pressure.

Importantly the pull out spray tap is not just about style and design – it is extremely practical. It can be used for rinsing crockery before putting it in the dishwasher so that prolongs its life and for rinsing pans and pots after hand washing. Another use is to spray hose your kitchen sink and drainer to help keep them sparkling clean and germ free. Using the spray hose is a such a help when it comes to cleaning raw fish and meat before cooking and cleaning vegetables and salads during preparation, the whole process becomes quicker and less messy. Some people have opted to have one sink in their kitchens where space is an issue because they can now rinse their dishes in the draining rack using their pull out spray tap and so a second sink isn’t needed.

In my view these are the taps of the future and it wouldn’t surprise me if very soon they will be fitted in domestic kitchens as standard so get there first and be well ahead in the style stakes. I certainly wouldn’t be without mine.

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